Dial An Exchange

Dial An Exchange is one of the most innovative, friendly and customer focused exchange systems available. DAE believes that exchanging your timeshare week should be easy, affordable and rewarding. They strives to give members the benefits, vacation availability and the service they deserve and are looking for from their exchange service.

There is no doubt that many timeshare owners find it difficult to understand all the rules, trading powers, seasonal demand tables and other factors that have, over the years, complicated the exchange process. DAE takes a simplified approach to exchanges and their members benefit.   Members can access live availability online 24/7 and can search, hold, book and confirm in real time, making the exchange process simple. No need to wade through a set of complex rules to conduct a transaction with DAE.

DAE is a truly worldwide exchange company with offices all over the globe in Australia, South Africa, China, India and Thailand, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. They use this worldwide presence to make sure their members have access to a truly International inventory of vacation weeks available for exchange.