Katana Software

The Katana Team builds relationships around the framework of Service, Standardization and Consistency.  Many of the team members have been working together, in one capacity or another, for close to 20 years.  This kind of loyalty and camaraderie is a pivotal component for Katana’s success, and one of the key differentiators in the marketplace.  The consistency and efficiency of working so closely together, for so many years, leads to better project management, implementation and customer service.

At Katana, it is their mission to maintain a consistent standard of service for all customers.  This translates into an unmatched delivery process, leading to operational efficiency for our clients, and ultimately, drives overall customer satisfaction.

Katana Software’s Asgard platform ties all resort departments together while rolling up brand standard cost-efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction business analytics and management dashboards.  Katana Software has been so successful it is now the national service operation platform for all resorts at MVC, Hyatt Vacation Club, Diamond Resorts, and others across timeshare.

The benefits of Katana software include:

  • Fast system ramp-up and minimal learning/training curve
  • Powerful real-time support tool for line and management personnel saves staff time and improves customer service
  • Standardized data allows every level of the company to define, measure, and improve performance and service
  • Each module improves facility management from Department Resource Use, and PM, to Budgeting and Cash Planning
  • Powerful Analytics reveal true performance metrics and empower effective management decision making
  • Greatly reduces costs and dependence on traditional custom software development services
  • Saves money and risk of data incompatibility with included integration with existing systems
  • Unique all-in-one service agreement simplifies and bundles all costs into one easy to manage relationship
  • Dedicated customer focus creates a new team of extended company experts working for your business success
  • Web-hosted solution eliminates expensive IT impacts and ensures always-current software
  • Unlimited users and one all-inclusive license fee eliminates hidden charges and controls year to year costs
  • Cover more key operations areas more cost-effectively to leverage savings and company resources