SellMyTimeshareNOW, LLC, now, was founded in 2003 to remedy a long-standing oversight within the timeshare industry: there simply wasn’t a reliable way for timeshare owners to advertise and resell their timeshare properties.  What initially set Sell My Timeshare NOW apart from other timeshare companies is the popularity of the company website. Timeshare-related queries on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo demonstrate that consistently appears within the top five organic results. This position enables them to draw more buyers and renters to timeshares advertised on their site than any other web-based timeshare resale company. and Timeshare Broker Services, both owned by Vacation Hotdeal Companies, Inc, announced that the company is re-branding its timeshare resale and rental services, licensed timeshare brokerage, and resort services as

John Locher is pleased to have an ongoing relationship with VacationOwnership, helping with ARDA speaking endeavors when appropriate, and having close contact with CEO Jason Tremblay.

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